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Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property may be the most important asset of your business. Protecting it from infringement, misuse and abuse takes time, resources and skill. Whether you need a trademark, copyright, license or other proprietary protection, the AEGIS Law, can help you. We have access to patent attorneys to whom we refer patent applications as well as resources to track on-line and other infringements of your marks, your websites, your copy, your photos and your other intellectual property assets.

We can help you file your trademark or license the use of your brand name by others. We have been working in the area of licensing for more than 20 years and have the expertise to negotiate your royalty and transfer agreements.

The AEGIS Law, is available to guide you through your most challenging intellectual property considerations and internet-based challenges. We write privacy policies, terms and conditions of use and other terms of your web-based applications.

We have developed a unique expertise in working with online or internet-based businesses, including understanding the rules of online retailers and aggregators, web crawlers, domain hosts and ISPs.

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