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Even the most successful businesses and business owners are faced with disputes at some time during the life of a business. Many businesses attempt to limit time, energy and resources involved in these disputes by using alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration. These methods often present favorable alternatives to court, as they give the parties the opportunity to maintain more control over the outcome.

If you are involved in a dispute, we are prepared to bring more than a quarter century of experience to help you ideally resolve your issue through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Ms. Walk is a Florida Supreme Court certified Circuit Civil, Family and Appellate Mediator and also serves as an Arbitrator. She serves on many national and statewide mediation and arbitration panels.

Hillsborough County Business Arbitration Lawyers

We at AEGIS Law, are able to leverage ADR to get to the bottom of the facts and work toward solutions that allow parties to get back together or move forward without undue publicity.

In mediation, our attorneys can serve as a neutral third party (mediator) to work with all parties to help reach a mutually consensual and supported solution. While working as mediators, we do not represent either party and do not offer legal advice. Either party may have counsel present, however.

In arbitration, all parties agree to issue resolution by an arbitrator or arbitration panel. The decisions handed down are binding as they would be in court. The difference is that arbitration often works toward a more efficient outcome than court.

Neutral Services

In addition to mediation and arbitration services, the AEGIS Law, provides neutral closing agent services for business transactions, short-term escrow services and receiver services. Ms. Walk and the AEGIS Law, have served as a court-appointed receiver in disputes between lenders and owners, and have served as a party-chosen neutral in disputes between partners. Neutral closing agent services on provided on transactions where the parties desire to have a neutral agent hold documents, funds and pin codes until directed to close.

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