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At the AEGIS Law, our lawyers handle business mergers, acquisitions and sales in the greater Tampa Bay area. We represent small and mid-sized businesses in a broad range of transactions, including:

Buying or Selling a Business in the Greater Tampa Bay Area

Selling, purchasing, merging a business - these are major decisions with major consequences. Our experienced Tampa business law attorneys advise clients as to their rights, obligations, and potential liabilities under each business agreement. Our attorneys negotiate, draft, and review all agreements related to your business transactions. Our attorneys will work with you and your team to provide the requisite and insightful counsel necessary to ensure that your interests are fully protected and that the transaction meets your business objectives.

We are experienced executives and lawyers. We understand business concerns and have a practical approach to meet your business legal needs.

We understand that sometimes partners in a business divorce and separate. We are experienced in working with the business owners to address special needs of separating partners and on-going business concerns. Call us to talk about business planning and counseling as you transition the business to new owners or the next generation.

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