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Operating, Partnership and Shareholders Agreements

We help business partners negotiate and draft agreements between them to enable smooth operations from the start. Often, business partners are friends and family and they truly believe that a handshake and their word is better than any paper agreement. But with time and changes in the business environment, the economy or as a result of lifetime events such as death, disability or divorce, the needs and desires of the various business owners change. Having a road map in the form of a binding agreement assists in these times of change.

Strategic Thinking for Business Partners and Entrepreneurs

Whether the company is based on your idea or was funded with your cash, all of the owners are entitled to know and plan for the future. The "parade of horribles", as we refer to them in our office, are inevitable circumstances that come with life. Getting married, having children, death, disability, retirement, divorce, deadlock and distraction arise as a result of normal daily life. We provide shareholders' agreements, operating agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements for businesses of all sizes. At the AEGIS Law, we have resources to develop funding mechanisms to enable buy-outs and retirement and to ensure that when there is a difference of opinion, there is a roadmap to follow.

Private Lending and Investors

Keeping in mind that private lenders and investors need a way to get-out or monetize their investment typically long before the CEO and creator are ready to walk away, The AEGIS Law will help owners develop agreements to help ease through that process and plan from the start for the next step in the businesses growth and development.

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