A Unique Set Of Skills To Address Complex Issues

Technology companies today face complex rules, regulations and considerations in everything from starting a business, to conducting daily operations, to eventually selling their ownership stakes.

At AEGIS Law, our team of skilled attorneys has more than 25 years of experience assisting businesses based in Tampa, throughout the U.S. and in countries abroad. We broker complex agreements between tech companies and serve as general or special counsel. If you require ongoing advice, are in the process of selling or acquiring an e-commerce business, or are considering a business merger or acquisition, we can assist.

Working With Both Emerging And Well-Established Businesses

Whether your tech business is just getting started or is well-established, we provide the knowledgeable representation you need. Our clients include emerging and fast-growing businesses, venture and private equity firms, and technology developers and tech companies offering software, desktop and app-based solutions.

Providing Both Ongoing Legal Support And Counsel In Disputes

We can help you address a wide array of legal issues, including:

  • Protecting your intellectual property — Create an appropriate and advantageous corporate structure to protect your intellectual property.
  • Licensing intellectual property — Capitalize on your intellectual property while protecting your rights via iron-clad licensing agreements.
  • Working on joint development agreements — Dictate the terms of a joint venture to protect your financial interests and retain the rights to intellectual property.
  • Managing your technology portfolio — Gain a comprehensive understanding of your technology portfolio, improve forecasting and the management of resources.
  • Protecting works made for hire — Manage work with independent contractors and employees to protect copyrights related to works made for hire.
  • Utilizing tax credits — Reduce tax liabilities through research and development of tax credits.

We also provide legal guidance in a wide array of legal matters, including the complex considerations involved with the transfer of intellectual property, writing terms of service, drafting critical documents and more.

Consult With Our Knowledgeable Lawyers

Learn how our team of experienced attorneys can assist. Contact our Tampa office to schedule an initial consultation. Call us at 813-999-0199 or email us through our website.