Unique Insight Into Internet-Based Business Transactions

Internet-based businesses are unique and require some specialized knowledge when buying or selling. Specifically, internet-based businesses are intellectual property-heavy and require the successful transfer of domains, accounts and systems without loss of status, credentials and SEO.

At AEGIS Law, we have considerable experience in this area. Whether hired as a neutral closer or as buyer’s or seller’s counsel, we can help ensure a smooth transition. With over 25 years of experience, we assist businesses across Tampa, Florida and the world in structuring complicated transactions.

Critical Considerations In Transferring An Internet-Based Business

As a seller, it is important to understand which assets you are transferring and which rights/assets, if any, you are retaining. We will advise on a wide array of considerations throughout the transaction, including:

  • Untangling domain names, webpages, email accounts and more that are intermingled with any personal accounts
  • Ensuring that websites, software and applications are fully transferable
  • Ensuring that you have the right to sell all aspects of intellectual property
  • Obtaining the buyer’s right to the license of intellectual property
  • Conducting necessary due diligence

If you are a developer and you reuse code, you must ensure you have the right to use code that is being sold. You also need to ensure as a seller that you have the right to sell or license the technology you are transferring. If you work with a broker, make sure the broker understands and has experience with internet-based businesses.

Complications In Transferring Key Online Accounts To The Seller

Keep in mind that Google AdSense*, AdWords*, EBay*, Amazon* and other similar accounts are in the name of a specific account owner. These are not transferable. This means that you start again with a new account. A new account may impact your ranking after closing as you will be a new vendor, if approved at all. Having legal counsel experienced in structuring these types of transactions will help ensure you take over the seller’s account at closing instead of starting with a new account.

*We are not affiliated with Google, Ebay or Amazon and only use these as reference points.

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