AEGIS Law and Walk Law Firm Join Forces

AEGIS Law and Walk Law Firm are pleased to announce that over the next several months they will be integrating their law practices, with the attorneys of Walk Law joining AEGIS Law. This combination will enhance and amplify the services of each firm under one banner, enabling us to provide an expanded array of professional legal services to businesses and entrepreneurs.
We’re thrilled, because this change will allow us to show up for our clients in more powerful ways than we already do, offering them even more resources, tools and expertise to serve their legal needs.
What Is Happening?
Walk Law Firm (WLF) is integrating its practice with AEGIS. All lawyers will continue operating from their current locations and serving the same client base, except under the AEGIS Law name and with more resources. Rochelle Friedman Walk will continue to be the managing attorney in Florida.
Why Is This Merger Happening?
AEGIS Law and WLF both provide high-quality legal services for businesses and entrepreneurs, and both have a similar underlying philosophy in their approach-albeit with different concentrations and areas of strength. This combination offers the WLF lawyers access to a wider range of services and attorneys licensed to serve its national and international client base while offering the AEGIS team a qualified team in Tampa, Florida to serve its growing Florida based clients. Tampa is a growing business hub-attracting ambitious ventures in tech, maritime, finance, insurance and beyond.
When and How Will This Integration Take Place?Over the next several months, we will integrate our resources and change our website and masthead. During the transition you may notice WLF operating under the banner “AEGIS Law, now a part of as AEGIS.”
What Does This Mean for WLF Clients?
AEGIS Law clients can rest easy: their attorneys will continue to serve their needs, at the same location. The primary difference will be that WLF attorneys will soon have access to AEGIS’ broad resources and practice areas. WLF and AEGIS are very compatible, in that they both offer high quality professional services using very similar fee structures and alternative fee offerings, such as flat fees, phased fees and capped fees. Their hourly rates are also consistent. Clients can be assured that their cost of service will not change as a result of the combination.
What Does This Mean for AEGIS Clients?
AEGIS will continue to serve its existing clients from its locations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago and O’Fallon, IL, while soon offering its services to WLF’s current location in Tampa, Florida. AEGIS clients will soon see additional service offerings based on WLF’s areas of expertise.
What Does This Mean for the Lawyers of Both Firms?
The attorneys at both companies can lean on one another for capacity, problem-solving and new ideas. Thanks to AEGIS Law‘s contemporary model and culture, experienced business lawyers can act essentially like each other’s associates- delivering partner-level support. It also means that new services and skills are available for clients as needs arise.
Advantages and Benefits

  • Larger array of service offerings across more verticals. We will be able to serve a more diverse clientele while providing more resources to serve our existing clients.
  • Innovative approaches to common problems. Our business model represents the future of professional legal services, enabling us to implement creative solutions for our clients in ways other firms can’t.
  • Customized solutions. Greater access to resources means more flexibility to address each client and case individually. Stronger Together

Here’s why this merger makes sense for all involved:
A Natural Cultural Fit
The attorneys of WLF and AEGIS Law share a similar philosophy. We serve entrepreneurs. Both firms’ founders are entrepreneurs. We understand cash flow, recruiting, strategy, the need for action, and the reality of uncertainty in the business world. We identify closely with our clients and focus on what’s practical for them, not theoretical.
Both firms strongly believe in taking care of our attorneys’ needs. Happy lawyers make for ecstatic clients. The AEGIS Law culture supports innovation, sensible risk taking, collegiality, an all-hands-on-deck attitude and an absence of petty organizational politics. Like our clients, we are disruptors. We threw out the sclerotic, traditional model of delivering legal services in order to make everyone’s lives better: our lawyers, our clients and our strategic partners.
Filling in the Gaps
WLF and AEGIS Law complement each other naturally. WLF brings to the table a strong practice in the areas of General Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions and Intellectual Property. Their attorneys also have extensive experience serving the e-commerce and technology sectors, especially with regard to accelerating and emerging businesses as well as long-established multi-billion-dollar public enterprises. Both firms can bring big company experiences to emerging and growing businesses at a fee structure and with access that other firms cannot offer. AEGIS Law is also widely regarded for its work with accelerating and emerging businesses, but it also offers a broader business practice that includes Venture Capital, Securities, Real Estate, Litigation, Estate Planning, Tax Law and other services. By combining these strengths, we provide each other with increased levels of support for our growing clients.
A Contemporary Model
AEGIS Law has developed an innovative disruptive business model that flies in the face of the politics and limitations of traditional firms-and this model will greatly enhance WLF’s ability to serve its clients. Some key characteristics of the AEGIS approach:

  • A collegial approach to serving clients. Our model allows associate attorneys to support other attorneys’ clients efficiently and effectively, thereby helping all our lawyers solve problems better while saving our clients money.
  • Beginning with the end in mind. We put our clients’ needs and business goals first, which allows us to approach each case with a fresh set of eyes.
  • Unmatched responsiveness. Our streamlined structure allows us to respond to client concerns and questions with exceptional speed.
  • Results-oriented. In our view, the right solution is the one that works. We take a practical yet creative approach to solving our clients’ problems. A Unique Worldview

Andrew Meyer, Continental Wholesale Diamonds calls Shelly Walk “a businessperson who happens to be a lawyer.” Her skills were forged in the crucible of decades of hard work in corporate America. She served as corporate counsel for Sherwin Williams and then ran their marketing communications, before becoming their Director of the Licensed Brand Group. In that position, she was responsible for brand management, including the profits and losses for 3 international known brands. After that, she worked as general counsel for another 150-year old, large, multinational public company in the logistics and mining industry. She led the effort to restructure that company through bankruptcy and ultimately was responsible for handling the sales of operating divisions, the shuttering of closed operations and negotiations related to legacy liabilities. She was brought to Tampa by a private equity firm that was leading the effort to restructure another consumer products company, Anchor Glass Container Corporation, which was emerging from bankruptcy. She navigated it through cultural change and the recapitalization of its business in anticipation of sale. Over the course of her travels, she’s worn many hats-gracefully dealing with issues related to mergers and acquisitions, environmental health and safety, internal audit, compliance, legal, human resources, marketing, IT and facilities management. Shelly drew on these successes to establish AEGIS Law, which represents a gamut of companies in dozens of industries. Law Firm 500 named AEGIS Law the 74th fastest growing law firm in 2017 and US Business News named Walk Law Firm the “Best Commercial Law Consultancy – Florida” and “Legal Elite Award for M&A” in 2018.
15 years ago, AEGIS launched with a revolutionary idea: if you create a law firm culture that prioritizes the needs of attorneys, clients will reap the benefits, and everyone will win. That vision is enshrined in our name, which is derived from the Greek mythological symbol for sponsorship and protection. Our modern model for delivering legal services has, indeed, disrupted the game. We’ve become dominant players in venture, banking, securities, real estate, construction and general corporate law; and AEGIS was just ranked among the top 50 fastest growing companies in our region.
Next Steps
As a client of WLF or AEGIS Law, or as a referring attorney to these firms, here’s what you can expect in the coming weeks and months:

  • Communications from WLF regarding Transition: WLF clients will receive information regarding new engagement letters with AEGIS and transfer of trust funds, if any.
  • Additional communications will highlight new services and features as they become available to you;
  • A revamped web presence will reflect these changes and clarify the expanded range of services we offer our collective clients;
  • Watch for announcements of networking and get-to-know-you events in several of our locations to introduce these communities to our expanded offerings. We are excited about this new collaboration and integration, and we hope you are, too! If you have any questions or concerns, we are available to answer them personally. Give our offices a call for more information.